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January 3, 2022 – meeting via Zoom (Posted 6/23/22)

Richmond Rockets

January 3, 2022 – meeting via Zoom

Present: Lisa Lubarsky, Andrea Germano, Tony LaRocca, Cheryl Bergeron, Michael Bergeron, Joann Rosiello, Trish Mulligan, Teresa Zanatta Ashley Zanatta, Jules Moore, Fleur de lis Bell

Treasurer Report: On file from Nancy

Membership Dues: Membership renewal dues are due this month (January). Please send check to Nancy or Venmo Payment to @Richmond-Rockets and remember to put “2022 membership” in comments (and your name if it isn’t obvious from your Venmo user-name) Membership fees are:

$25 for an individual $40 for family $20 for seniors (60+)

Elections 2022:

· Lisa made a motion to accept the proposed slate of officers/captains for 2022, Teresa seconded. Vote was unanimous yes among attendees, but were just short of a quorum. However, since all candidates were running unopposed, and there were no objections to any of the candidates, the motion was passed and the following officers/captains are instated:

Officers/Captains for 2022

President Lisa Lubarsky

Vice President Tony LaRocca

Treasurer Nancy Wagner Wetzel

Secretary Cheryl Bergeron

Female Captain Patricia Mulligan

Male Captain Michael Hemway


· Trish has sent applications to SI coaches via email and has begun handing out to student athletes. She will hand out more at the Staten Island Championships on Jan 15.

· If you want to participate on the selection committee, please contact Trish. All applications are anonymous.

Rockets Party Plans:

· We agreed to postpone our party at Old Bermuda Inn on February 5, 2022 due to Covid-19 concerns.

· Looking to plan a Spring Fling event instead, probably outdoor barbeque type event. Any ideas, please send to Lisa.

· Any 2021 awards/recognition normally distributed at the party will be given out at February meeting.

Richie Chin “KIND” Award

The Richmond Rockets will honor the memory of Richie Chin with a Richard Chin “KIND” Award.

· This annual award will be presented to a Richmond Rocket member who has showed the qualities that Richie had lived by throughout his life such as kindness, commitment, community service, teammate and inspirational to others.

· Email was sent out for nominations for this award.

· The officers of the club (2021 & 2022) will make the selection.

· We hope to have a member(s) of Richie’s family come as our guest to present the award, possibly at an upcoming meeting or at our Spring Fling

Super Bowl Pool - Fundraiser

· At the meeting, we selected boxes for those of us that had paid for numbers. We sold and selected 24 boxes so far (picture attached to minutes). WE HAVE 78 LEFT TO SELL.

· This is going to be our main fundraiser for Winter 2022 now that the party is moved later in the year


· Please contact Trish to select an available box. Once you have your number confirmed by Trish you can send $50 to Nancy via check or Venmo to @Richmond-Rockets Be sure to put SUPERBOWL BOX POOL in the comments and your name if not obvious from your account.

· If you are selling to an outside person (non-Rocket member) – you must first text Trish with their selected number to confirm the number is still available, once Trish confirms that the number is available, you must send payment through Venmo within 24 hours. Make sure to put SUPERBOWL BOX POOL and the selected number (or random if none selected) in the comment. The box will be under the person with the corresponding Rocket member in parentheses.

· Trish will send out a picture of the box as it fills in (updates every time she gets 10 more boxes filled in)

· If you have any questions please text Trish.

Races / Events:

· January 1 Sober Up Run – lots of Rockets participated. Results are on the website.


· Jan 15 - Resolution 4-Miler, 10 a.m., Bloomingdale Park, ( This is the first race in the Trail Triple Crown. The other 2 are on February 13th Valentine's Day 5K, Conference House and April 16th Wolfes Run 10K, Wolfe's Pond

· January 8 – NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K

· January 23 – NYRR Fred Lebow Half Marathon

· February 6 – NYRR Manhattan 10K

· February 13 – NYRR Gridiron 4M

· Feb 20 - PPTC’s Cherry Tree 10 Miler & Relay, Prospect Pk. This could be a good club run to car pool too.

· February 26 – NYRR Al Gordon 4M

SITRAC Triple Crown Brunch – January 23, 2022

· Confirmed that this is still happening

· If you are planning to attend let Lisa know in order for us to get a Rocket table

Halloween Run:

· Decided to hold the Halloween Run on October 30, 2022 which is the Sunday before Halloween and one week before NYC Marathon.

· If you would like to be on planning committee, contact Lisa

Staten Island Running Community 2022 Race Calendar Panning Meeting

· Being held via Zoom on JANUARY 13, 2022

· Organized by Mike Schnall to help Staten Island race directors, clubs etc. coordinate their individual and annual events so that they are not running competing races on same days. Will also help with volunteer recruitment and planning

· Lisa and Tony will attend. If anyone else is interested, contact Lisa or Mike Schnall directly at for Zoon link info.

Website Updated

· The website is continuing to be updated.

· The area race calendar from the SI Advance, race results, race log and Rockets calendar are posted.

· A new page will be added with members name and email addresses – please contact Lisa if you do not want your info posted. Having this info in one spot will make it easier for members looking to join a run or looking/offering carpool to races

· Phone numbers will only be included if requested.

· If anyone wants to have something put on the site, they should contact Tony or Lisa.


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