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About Us

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The Richmond Rockets are a Staten Island, NY-based running team established in the 1990s.
Our Running team is open to all competitive and noncompetitive runners. The goal of the club is to promote running in our local community. Our members inspire each other to achieve their athletic goals. The club also works closely with the local community to raise charitable donations and provide an annual scholarship award
 for high school students.







Rocket History

The attached files are written by Mary Karasinski founder of the Richmond Rockets.  She provides a great story of how the Richmond Rockets were born.

-"On our own, each of us is good. Together we're better.  It's a great feeling knowing you're not alone out there.  We count on one another for support, motivation, inspiration".  

This quote is taken from the first newsletter of WGRS (World Gym Runners) author unknown.

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2023 Rocket Executive Board

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