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Jan and Feb 2018 Newseltter:

Richmond Rocket Newsletter- 1/16/18 Meeting

Opened meeting with Pledge

Toby Biegel-Massa & Lisa Lubarsky welcomed everyone to their first meeting as the new leadership of the Rockets

Thank you Darlene Vigliotti for taking the minutes.

Updates included:

-Rocket application – newly added- walkers $25 and seniors over 60 -$20

**(2 new members joined)

-Rocket Apparel has been discounted to empty out so eventually we will get new apparel with a new logo shared by Lisa (she is working with a graphic designer).

-We also have magnets & wallets to sell for $5 (good PR for the team)

-The incentive point program (to get a free entry into a race) is back for our members- handed out at meeting and will email to all.

-Handouts were given out of revised amendments to the existing Bylaws specifically pertaining to membership and election proceedings. Voting to accept these amendments will be voted at the next meeting.

The (FREE) Mile Marker Grand Prix run series at the Ocean Breeze Complex will be taking place on Thursday evenings starting at 7PM from January-March (1mile, 1/2mile, or 2-mile heats)-check out website for further details if interested.

A vote was put out for master’s women captain since neither of the original ladies on the ballot accepted . Trish Mulligan said she will switch to the master’s woman captain and Teresa Notarostefano accepted the open women’s captain. Members agreed to the vote.

Scholarships: All applications have been distributed to all high school track coaches. Deadline to completed applications is March 1st. The scholarship committee will meet sometime in mid -March to select our winners.

Lisa told us about a good incentive to get active and join a gym. The JCC is offering a 10% discount on a yearly membership and a 5% on a monthly membership if you mention you are a member of the Richmond Rockets. (The no enrollment fee will be waived if you sign up by Jan 21)

Our Holiday Party on Feb 3rd was brought up by Lisa to remind everyone the monies are due now or you will be charged an extra $10 at the door. The menu was discussed and she encouraged members to bring family and friends -a great way to introduce others to our wonderful running club. **Dario Endozo will be providing the music.

Lisa also spoke about organizing group runs-calling them launch pads-1st one Sat Jan 20th at Richmond Avenue & Richmond Hill Road – (Duane Reade parking lot) 2.5 miles or 5 miles. We are looking to have these launch pad runs all over the Island.

Training runs were brought up for anyone looking to do races (half/full marathons even triathlons) Info will be posted in upcoming newsletters.

We have a free webpage for Richmond Rockets. ( John Chan has offered to update for us. Space is limited to what we can put on. We have a private facebook page for members only (Rockets Running) Please advise if you need to be added. We also have an open facebook page open to everyone (Richmond Rockets).

**Tommy Hart said he will being getting a bus for the Brooklyn Half-Race Date- (Sat May 19, 2018 )-he said it sells out fast-registration opens up on Jan 31st at noon. Details will follow for anyone interested in going on the bus.

Nominations for Runner of the Month for December were put out to vote.

The (2) winners are:

Nancy Wagner-Wetzel-ran the Jingle Bell 5k in Long Island, NY-came in 1st place in her age group-time 29:04

Tommy Hart-ran the Midnight Run NYC 4 miler in a time of 46:34

Birthdays in January-Jeff Benjamin -Jan 15th

50/50 was called

Meeting Adjourned

Rocket Race incentive point program for free entry into SI races-make sure you put next to your name on the attendance sheet at the meetings.

Monthly meeting showup-1 pt.

If you run a Staten Island Race and wear the Rocket shirt, you get 2 pts

1st place age group at race-5 pts

2nd place age group at race-4 pts

3rd place age group at race-3 pts

1st overall in gender group -10 pts

Group training runs -if show up-1 pt

Any other race outside Staten Island-1 pt

Volunteers for each of Cosme’s Race-5 pts

When you earn 35 pts -the Rockets will pay the entry (up to $30) into a SI race of your choosing

Richmond Rocket Newsletter- 1/16/18 Meeting
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