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Lisa Lubarsky


Meet Lisa Lubarsky, an accomplished marathon runner, nutrition and fitness specialist, and community leader. Lisa currently serves as the Director of Membership and Community Engagement at the JCC of Staten Island and the President of the Richmond Rockets running club.

In addition to her running accomplishments, Lisa is also a nutrition and fitness specialist, helping others achieve their health and fitness goals through personalized plans and guidance. Her expertise and dedication to healthy living have made her a respected figure in the community.

As the President of the Richmond Rockets, Lisa inspires and motivates her fellow runners to reach new heights and achieve their full potential. She brings her passion for running and her commitment to community engagement to the club, making it a vibrant and welcoming space for runners of all levels.

Lisa's dedication to healthy living, community engagement, and running makes her a valued member of the Staten Island community and a respected leader in the running world.

Lisa Lubarsky
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