June 06, 2022 Rockets Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Tony LaRocca, LisaLubarsky, Patricia Mulligan, Joann Rosiello, Cheryl Armitage Bergeron, Tommy Hart, Tony Vigliotti, Angela Conte, Ryan Williams, Tom Smith

Pledge was done by all.

Treasurer Report Nancy submitted the report and is on file

Membership Dues (Nancy/Tony)

· 66 members

Brooklyn Half Marathon Feedback

· Bus got us there on time – thank you Tommy

· Maybe next year have 2 coolers of beer, one for wave 1 and one for wave 2 since all the beer was gone by the time Wave 2 runners finished.

Annual Party (Lisa)

· May 21st Randal Manor Tavern on Castleton Ave early afternoon (after Brooklyn Half Marathon) from 2 -5 pm

· We had enough people to cover expenses. It was hot, but everyone had a good time. Food was good.

· Awards End of Year 2021:

o The Iron Clan Award – Cheryl and Mike Bergeron

o Queen of the 5K – Angela Conte

o Never Know When To Stop – John Dixon and Tommy Hart

o Most Consistent Runner – Trish Mulligan

o Winner of Most Age Group Awards – Nancy Wagner Wetzel

o Runner of the Year – Lisa Lubarsky

o First Annual Richie Chin Award – Joann Rosiello

Runner of the Month: Nancy Wagner-Wetzel

Club Runs:

· Looking for summer non-running events. Ideas that were brainstormed at meeting:

o Bocci Ball at Casa Belvedere

o Cornhole at Raabs

o Ferry Hawks Game

o Softball game – challenge SIAC and other running clubs

o Ryan Williams will check into the Bocci and Cornhole opportunities and report back to Lisa/Tony

Upcoming Races

· Refer to website for races (Advance Road Race Calendar)

· Tommy Hart summer speed runs. 7pm Clove Lakes every Thursday Night May- August

· SIAC Fun Runs 9am Saturday mornings at Clove Lakes

· June 5th – 16th annual Capt Marting J Egan 5k memorial run 10am Midland Beach

· June 19th – Father’s Day 5k 9am Mount Loretto

· Utica Boilermaker 15k, Utica NY- Contact Tommy Hart to stay at his house

· NYRR Staten Island Half-Marathon Registration is now open for the October 9th running

Halloween Run

· Starting to plan this race now, if you would like to be on the committee please contact Lisa

· We need racers, volunteers and donations

· All proceeds from this run go to our scholarship fund.

The Richmond Rockets Website and Instagram

· Kyle Keenan will take over doing the website

· The Richmond Rockets IG account is @therichmondrockets. Please tag us in all your running posts and use #therichmondrockets as well. The admins of the IG account should also be posting individual running pics and then tagging themselves (or whoever is in the pic). If you want to be an admin for the account, contact Lisa.

Race Log/Results

· The 2022 race log/results is being set up on the website.

· Tony will be maintaining it but will be looking at the NYRR races and other area races that have sortable results by clubs.

· Please send in your race results to: Tonylarocca5K@gmail.com

· Weekly runs (SIAC Fun Run, NYRR weekly park runs, Tommy’s Thursday night runs) will not be included.

· This log will be a factor for us to determine the “Runner of the Month”.

JCC/Rockets Lisa and the JCC will be promoting a beginning running group up to 10 people. This group will meet for six weeks at Clove Lakes under the guidance/coaching of Paul LaRocca with a goal of running a race at the end of the six weeks. Start up will be in June.

Used Running Shoes Josh Pesin (SIAC) collects used running shoes. He receives money for them and distributes that money to various clubs and charities including the Rockets. If you want to donate contact Lisa Lubarsky to arrange, drop off. Meghan Leonard said she has shoes to donate and will make arrangements with Lisa.