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Rest In Peace to Our Beloved Richmond Rockets Member: Richard "Richie"Chin

~ 1958 - 2020~

We are still celebrating life...the life of our dear friend and Richmond Rockets team member who passed away on April 23 2020, Richard Chin. A beloved husband, father, brother, family to many, and friend to many - he always wanted to see others happy. Rest In Peace to our Dear Richie! A message from him via his family shown at his funeral service: " ~LOVE YOUR LIFE: Thank You for making me Rich, as friends and family are priceless. Be happy, smile and laugh, enjoy the journey, and keep on running!~ "

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The Richmond Rockets will honor the memory of Richie Chin with the:

Richard Chin Memorial “KIND” Award


This annual award will be presented to a Richmond Rocket member who has showed the qualities that Richie had lived by throughout his life such as kindness, commitment, community service, teammate and inspirational to others.


“LOVE YOUR LIFE: Thank You for making me rich, as friends and family are priceless. Be happy, smile and laugh, enjoy the journey, and keep on running!”  That was said by our dear friend and Richmond Rocket teammate Richard Chin who passed away on April 23, 2020.

Richie was a very positive person and you could feel this by just being around him.

A man who loved life and lived it to the fullest.

He loved his family and friends with his whole being.

Always laughing and smiling and always saw the good in everything and in everyone.

He was an avid runner and bowler, enjoyed dancing, doing puzzles, and games of chance.This was mostly in Atlantic City and more importantly, he loved the children at PS 4 School in Staten Island.

He was a hard worker and a gentle person. He was kind and always had a smile for everyone. On his FB page someone wrote “Heaven must have needed another Angel.”

When Richie wasn’t running a race, he would be the first to volunteer to help with the event. He was a great teammate who would always keep you in a positive state of mind.

Richie retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 30 years. He then joined the NYPD as a school safety agent and that’s where he met his second family at PS 4 in Arden Heights - this mostly was his most satisfying job.

He loved being around the children and they in turn loved him. He was a great role model to them, a policeman who showed kindness, love and fairness to all. He would tell the children at PS 4 to be the “I” in KIND.

His motto was Be Kind, Be Polite, Be Safe.

Richie also had a daily to do list that was hung near his desk:

1. Greet everyone with a smile

2. Make us laugh

3. Share your candy

4. Teach origami  

5. Remain the Positive and Smiley


Richie was the most Kind and Sincere person that you could ever meet and a teammate that you could not ask for better.

To Richie ~ Even though you are no longer in our sight you are forever in our heart!

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